Cryptobulz is leader in providing services around Crypto Currencies, Tokens and NFTs,. It was only in the year 2019 when CryptoBulz was founded . CryptoBulz is enabling People across the globe for Trading, and holding right Crypto Assets in their investment Portfolio. We at CryptoBulz is providing training and many other services pertaining to Crypto Assets abiding by the Legal Framework of various Countries. Our Training Services are both offline and online and our Trainers are Leaders from the Crypto World providing right guidance for ensuring you enthrall in this new Digital World.

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. Many cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks based on blockchain technology—a distributed ledger enforced by a disparate network of computers.

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Cryptocurrencies have changed our world like never before, and with each coin being mined, traded or launched our understanding of Investments, Assets & Currency keeps changing, The journey from Barter to Block Chain has taken 1000’s of years but the last decade has reshaped our financial world like never before.

The disruptive nature of Crypto has seen Billions made and Billions lost. With all new innovations, Crypto has its fair share of pitfalls, and unless navigated with knowledge & caution can be detrimental to your financial planning! CryptoBulz is focused on enabling investors to navigate this Digital World, right from the basics of Block Chain to investing in reliable & profitable digital assets, with advisory on how and what to Invest, Trade, Track and Secure your Digital assets.

We also offer advise on NFT investments. CryptoBulz is amalgamation of the Old & the new, while we have New School very savvy and digitally aware Traders & Market watchers; we have Old School caution in terms of Seasoned Investment professionals who bring their own brand of Risk Management, which helps CryptoBulz provide a 360 degree visibility and advise to its clients. We are here for our collective GAINZ! Bits to Billions people!

Our Team

Dr. Sarvan Singh

Director - Business

Sarvan is a visionary with Business interests in many verticals, he works in the niche of providing Crypto Businesses from Mining to ICO. Sarvan has been working in the IT and Software industry for the last 20 years, He has traveled 82 countries and with a plethora of experience, Today he is mentoring businesses in the blockchain and crypto world. He has joined CryptoBulz to enable customers for smoothing their crypto journey.


Arvinder Singh

Director - Financer

Arvinder has been in the Business from a very young age and is managing Finance of many businesses, He has worked with Jewellers, Textile companies, Properties, Real Estates, and Agro Products importers and exporters, His ability to manage Finance of this varied industries gives him the niche to be a head of Cryptobulz Finance


Rajan Singh Katodiah

Director - Public Relations

Rajan has a plethora of experience in the Gold and Jewellery industry, He has served with North American leading brands and is GIA certified Diamond expert. He is an avid traveller and understands Customers and Suppliers, He is an expert at Public Dealing and Public Relations, His rapport building art is second to none which connects with human hearts for a long term.


Arshdeep Kaur

Digital Head

Arsheep is a very young Digital Marketing expert, Since she understands the youth and provides expansion of Cryptobulz across various Geographies, she is the lead strategist for Social Media and Digital Media. She has the nerve for taking Bold Decisions for the Bold Media. She provides Cryptobulz Digital Footprint to support growth and recognition.


Jasmine Dsouza

Research Head

Jasmine has been part of the Research team with Various BlockChain projects, She has written many white papers on Metaverse and its potential for the real world. She has tested with many NFT games and has been awarded one of the lead Tester and Researcher by P2E games. She has worked with many BOT Companies for testing and providing research to them for the growth potential, She at the helm of Cryptobulz Research provides a very strong pillar for the success of Cryptobulz.


Surinder Dhawan

Lead Trainer

Surinder has been a Trainer from a very young age, he has trained more than Fifteen thousand students in last two decades, His zeal for training and enabling , his expressions and vocal capabilities makes him a complete trainer, Surinder is also a Dot Net Expert and Microsoft Certified, Surinder has dived in Blockchain couple of years ago and he is training students from across the industries and around the globe.


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